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Leave Me Here

Lyrics: Brian E. Wilson
Music Composition: Brian E. Wilson

Leave me here
In this place
Leave me dry
Without a trace
In the dark
In the night
In the sun
In the light
Leave me here
Cold and bare
Donít give me
That loving stare
Try to leave
And leave me here
Try to smile
Shed no more tears
Leave me here
But first weíll dance
But leave me here
If you wonít take the chance
A chance at life
A dream of love
Fly to the sun
Like a satin dove
Leave me here
Go be free
Or stay and dance
This life with me
Run to your father
Run to your mother
Run to your sister
Run to your brother
Or stay awhile
In my heart with me
Itís where youíve yearned
To always be
You tell me so
In the letter you wrote
I read it now
Every quote
So leave me here
On bended knee
But always know
You can also be free with me.